The Ravaillac Revolution

The Vivus Well Part Two

The heroes enter the Vivus Well and fight their way through a dangerous and shifting maze. They face down Onnahan, who kills Palio’s cleric. Palio kills him in revenge. They find a secret room with Aeschere, the founder of Aeschwold, who has been trapped there for hundreds of years with runes keeping him his current age. He tells them about how the Vivus Well was once a planar junction for numerous planes, but has been unhallowed by Asmodeus to the point where it no longer takes people anywhere but Hell.

They enter Hell, specifically the realm of Caina, a land of rusted bridges and chains. Aeschere tells them to find Khyedkyev, a Celestial warped into a Hellmouth who can take them where they want to go. Khyedkyev is caged just above the Dustbringer, an ancient world-destroying machine forged by Gorum. The Prince in Chains and a few kytons come to kill the heroes. Bombik takes a piece of machinery off the Dustbringer. The other heroes kill the kytons and knock out the Prince in Chains. When he awakes, they try their best to remind him of who he used to be, with Cathexis using the Moirae to take him back mentally to when he had been Thron.

Khyedkyev sends them to Stygia, a realm of swamps, where the Academy of Lies resides. There, the souls of the people bound to the Vivus Well are being written upon by a fleshwarp scribe. Cathexis kills the fleshwarp in a single blow and rescues the souls.

Ancalagon has the First Light, and offers it to the heroes in exchange for a brief truce to help them all escape Hell. He flies through the Hellmouth back to Caina, and from there, to the Vivus Well. He tries hurling the Prince in Chains back to Caina, but Palio saves him.

The heroes emerge from the Vivus Well with a host of devils closing in behind them.



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