The Ravaillac Revolution

The Rift

The party regroups and discusses what happened in the Keep of the Seal and the Neocognomina. They then head to Solacium. The topography shifts and they walk into night, with constellations none of them recognize. Bombik realizes the Plane of Shadow itself is making an intrusion into their plane. A wall of dead bards tries to ensorcel them, but those who resist it bring the others back to their senses.

They follow tracks to a small cul de sac where Tartellagio, the Lord Commander of the Keep of the Seal, has hidden his men. They have been fighting back hordes of daemons, demons, and aberrations. Only fifty remain, and they are wounded and exhausted. Palio confronts Tartellagio, who had been convinced by a demon that Iomedae had told him to break the wardstones and enter Solacium. Palio relieves him and sends them all back home.

They then head towards the rift itself. Onnahan is performing his ritual to bring the Prince in Chains into the mortal realm, and is surrounded by kytons, minotaurs, a forgefiend, a pale stranger, and an iron golem. The heroes go in to face them down. Behind them, they hear Ancalagon the Black crow out a challenge to Onnahan. He is furious that Onnahan is trying to summon the Prince in Chains, or as he calls him, grandfather.

Kisasi hurls the iron golem into the rift. Rift energy starts to lash out in different directions. Ancalagon flies down and tries to attack Cathexis. Cathexis darts out of the way and stabs Ancalagon’s other eye, then manipulates the moirae and the rift energies to grab Ancalagon. Both are being dragged towards the rift. The Prince in Chains arrives long enough to get hit by a dragon and knocked back in. Ancalagon’s acid attack burns Cathexis and his Nemesis staff, with its assorted manacles, is burned off and falls into the rift while Cathexis himself slides free.

Then, as if a gift, the rift spits out Qadmon.



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