The Ravaillac Revolution


The heroes capture Qadmon and Onnahan and bind them, then take them south. They interrogate Onnahan and find out that there are at least eight of him, and that he is doing this to protect Terund from the chaotic incursions of demons and daemons plotting against it. Palio executes him.

They have a discussion about Cathexis, and what it means for him to be truly free. When they discuss what caused him to break from his chrysalis in the first place, they notice Eldairen looking visibly anxious. When questioned, he reiterates that Prince Regent Amaranth was asking for information on Cathexis’s past lives, and Eldairen was not certain why.

Qadmon awakes, and is also questioned. They find out he is a daemon named Thanatos, a servant of the horseman of Death. Just as Onnahan had said, they created the rift to fight back against Terund’s wards, specifically to weaken Asmodeus.

On the way south, they pass by the ruins of Empok, which had been a mining town. When the ore dried up, rather than waste their time transporting the slaves, they simply tossed them into a pit and sealed it up and let them die of starvation. Now, horrible undead patrol the land and prevent the people of Taurinorum from leaving. The heroes face off against the undead.

The orcs now want to be free to go north to their brethren in the northern wastes on the road to Severeign. The dwarves want to remain in the mines. Kordic Brand was trying to convince them to help them out. Palio speaks of survival, Slim of freedom, and Cathexis of fate, and the dwarves agree to become an engineering corps for Ravaillac while the orcs become their scouts. They head towards Crossroads to defend against a possible Mordantian onslaught. The heroes also send messages to the other people they have met along the way in the hopes that their combined forces can keep Ravaillac strong.



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