Bounty Hunter.


Kisasi was raised on the mean streets of Menneren, in an orphanage. He was constantly ostracized for his appearance and spent much of his youth on the streets. His only friend in the orphanage was a boy his age named Vito. Kisasi became streetwise and found himself often used as the muscle, or at least the intimidator, for various factions and became well-known as a freelance mercenary.

He ended up taking a bounty on Sebastiano Kardunia. In the fight, he got a massive wound alone the left side of his face, and he took off Kardunia’s hand. Eventually, he managed to drag a sick but alive Sebastiano to Delecot where he was wanted for selling information, and collected a lot of money for it. But on return to Menneren, he found out that not only does he have a bounty on his head from the Kardunia, but that they have hired one of his closest friends from the orphanage as their newest recruit.

He has left Menneren acting as muscle yet again for Odd’s caravan, bound to Crossroads.

Character: Kisasi: Human fighter
Aspects: History: Raised on the Mean Streets of Menneren
Personality: Intimidating Visage
Goals: Revenge Against the Kardunia
Stunt: Immovable Rod Arrow x2


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