The Ravaillac Revolution


The group reaches Remparenon, where they exorcise Qadmon of the Thanadaemon inhabiting him. In the middle of this, the scion of the Kardunia, who had escaped from jail, tries to assassinate Kisasi. Both the daemon and the assassins are taken out in short order. Qadmon thanks them and says he will help the best he can.

They head cross The Expanse and manage to avoid sandworms, then enter the dragon’s cave. They find footprints of other people and eventually track them down. They’re three terrified humans from Menneren who were sent here by the Exultant to find a path so Menneren can take the treasure it so desperately needs. The heroes slay the Dragon Disciples that had terrified the Mennerenians and discover that according to Draconic prophecy, Ancalagon will return. They reach the dragon’s treasure.



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