The Ravaillac Revolution


The entire crew works together to face down the wickerman. Pendulum is nearly burned to death inside its ovens, but Palio shatters it open and rescues the injured warforged.

After everyone is rested and recovered, they talk to Grand Petitioner Belkzin to get him to put a few new petitions out. Palio talks to priests and later, mercenaries in order to drum up support. Slim talks to the sailors and captains. Cathexis gets on a soapbox. Bombik meets with the still-injured Pendulum, who introduces him to Bastion, another member of the Neocognomina who has been sent to protect Bombik. Odd tells Palio and Slim that a merchant would like to speak with both of them; while she’s unwilling to commit to the creation of Ravaillac’s navy, she is glad for her child’s safety, who was rescued by them on Naming Day. Palio talks to her child about Iomedae and gives him a small pin and some advice.

Cathexis has a discussion with the group about what is going on with Pharasma and fate itself. He talks about the Psychopomp he spoke to that came to take Ignatius’s soul away.

The entire city of Stygia turns out for the vote. An orc bard argues vehemently against the navy, believing it will tie Stygia to Ravaillac which will want to install a puppet government, but the arguments of Cathexis, Slim, Palio, and Bombik win out at 72%.

The group has a funeral for Ignatius, sending him to the sea in a burning pyre.

Captain Ivan and the Smerdyakov, along with eight other ships, take the heroes towards Arete, where Onnahan awaits. But Slim notices, in the distance, the enormous wings of Ancalagon the Black.

Naming Day

The group arrives in Stygia on Naming Day. In Mordant, Naming Day is the day the revolution that created their country started. In Terund, Naming Day is the day that their children become adults and are conscripted into the military. In Stygia, it’s an excuse to party.

Cathexis immediately went to get a few very strong drinks. Kisasi was being avoided by most orcs for reasons he couldn’t fathom, though one ran into him and gave him a chest bump. Ignatius and Odd tried selling spices to the people in the strong ale tent. Slim met up with an orc friend named Hrothgar and traded tales. Palio went to check out the strongman competition—turning a giant water wheel. Bombik went to Modern Engineering, where he met Pendulum, an old friend turned enemy who promptly threw him out. Palio and Bombik then checked out the Hall of Mirrors and the House of Wonders (being run by an alchemist named Damiel). Meanwhile, children were being placed into casks and going down a canal before being pulled up.

In the ale tent, Hrothgar suddenly cast Burning Hands on the orc whiskey and made the tent catch fire. While they put it out, the entire floating city changed course. At the same time, people started acting oddly. The people in the tent didn’t seem to notice the flame, and people outside laughed too hard at nothing at all.

Palio and Slim ran off to change the city’s course. Bombik tried to locate the source of what was causing the strange reaction. Cathexis and Ignatius watched them burn a Naming Day wicker man.

Palio and Slim fought two coral golems and a mind-controlled wereshark. They destroyed the golems and knocked the wereshark out. Then Slim changed course for the entire city, steering them away from shoals.

Bombik located the source to find a Nuckelavee, a pollution-based fey creature that knocked Bombik unconscious very quickly. Bombik was bleeding out when Palio arrived, healed Bombik, and the two of them fought it off. There was a small orb called the Eye of Rapture that was causing the mind-fugue, and with the Nuckelavee’s death, its affect would only last two more hours.

Ignatius jumped into the canal to find the children in the casks being taken away by water elementals. They were tossed into the water wheel while a muscled orc kept spinning it, which would crush the children. Cathexis flew at the man and breathed fire on him, killing him instantly but saving the children.

Fireworks went off in the sky. The commoners claimed it was hearts and constellations, but the heroes saw arcane markings that Bombik identified as an Arcane Mark, showing that this was done as a sign of power by Onnahan Lore.

At the same time, with the Nuckalavee’s death, a few people managed to break their trance. Parents called that their children were being taken by creatures in the Hall of Mirrors. Damiel, the alchemist from the House of Wonders, was being devoured by homonculii. And Pendulum fled the Modern Engineering with half his arm gone, as gearghosts were formed by the machines.

Bombik went to work with Pendulum in Modern Engineering and destroyed the gearghosts. Palio and Slim fought Soulslivers in the Hall of Mirrors. Ignatius and Cathexis went after the homonculii. One crushed Damiel’s ribcage, and he wheezed out that there was a bomb underneath him. Cathexis canceled the bomb, but Ignatius was killed by the homonculii. Palio and Slim came in and helped kill the homonculii while Cathexis spoke Ignatius’s True Name and turned into a beacon of flame as a last gesture of respect for his fallen comrade.

(To be continued)

Sailing to Stygia

Palio, Kisasi, Cathexis, Slim, and Bombik infiltrate a ball being held by the Exultant. Bombik talks to a woman excited to meet another gnome, who tells him all about her flirtations with Onnahan and how he told her he enjoys spending time at the Galete Thermae. Slim had an odd encounter with the Exultant, who simultaneously asked Slim to deliver a message to the Grand Petitioner of Stygia and chatted with a jumbo shrimp. Kisasi and Palio found out that Terund is trying to pressure Menneren economically into legalizing slavery, and Marion Karst tried to pressure Kisasi into taking the Kardunia back to Mordant. Ultimately, they sent the Kardunia to Carceri while telling everyone they were heading to the Castillion.

The next day, they set sail on the Smerdyakov and headed towards Stygia. They fought off merrow. During the attack, a sailor who had been paid by the Kardunia released a shadow demon to attack the heroes.

Mean Streets of Menneren

Slim, Kisasi, Cathexis, and Bombik remain at Temenos Shrine for the night with Cassamyr. Gemyelt, the High Druid, gives each of them words of advice.

To Slim, she gives words of unity. To Bombik, words of redemption. To Cathexis, words of enigma. Kisasi, however, she claims is anathema to her for reasons she cannot understand.

She also reaches into Cassamyr, and sees something odd, then calls Slim over so he can also see it. She glimpses Cassamyr’s body hanging over a giant well of green liquid. Slim talks to Cathexis about it. Cathexis reads Cassamyr’s Moirae and realizes that the strand that was Cassamyr was severed and re-stitched. Each Cassamyr they see is essentially a projection of the real, captive Cassamyr, and each one has separate aspects of his personality. No one had noticed until now, and assumed he had simply gone mad.

By meditating on the problem, Cathexis realizes that a past incarnation knows exactly where Cassamyr is being held. He is in a mountain near Grailwarden and Severeign, the westernmost mountain of the Northern Crown. Within the mountain is the Vivus Well, the same place Aeschere found to create the Aeschenreia.

Bombik asked Vilkas Arcantell, the druid he’d rescued, to see what happened to the other Cassamyrs to the north.

Palio returned from the Keep of the Seal with information on the Redeemer of the Dark, one of the threats uttered by Onnahan’s illusions. He meets up with Odd and Ignatius in Crossroads and heads to Menneren. Odd has a meeting with the Seneschal of the Exultant, a man named Javier, in an attempt to create a presence for a merchant shop. She gets invited to a fancy ball the next night. Palio, meanwhile, talks to the Exultant’s daughter Septa, a paladin of Sarenrae. She tells him of the heavy corruption in the city and how her ill father is not providing proper leadership but no one can understand how to rid his mind of the disease.

The heroes reunite in the South Skein Inn in Menneren. KIsasi engages Palio’s help in trying to rescue his friend Vito from the grips of the Kardunia, the local mafia. Palio and Kisasi head down to a tavern near the docks. Slim goes down to the docks with them and gets a ship to Stygia, the Smerdyakov, led by an obitu named Ivan.

Meanwhile, Kisasi intimidates two Kardunia members into providing the location of a Kardunia safehouse. As they leave the tavern they’re jumped by three members of the Kardunia. Kisasi is knocked down, and has a brief flash of his body being covered in thick iron before knocking one of the foes prone.

They gather the other members of the group and head to the safehouse mentioned, where VIto and another Kardunia member are looking over paperwork. When Vito sees Kisasi, he’s stabbed by the other one, who is then knocked out and taken to the Brotherhood of Burden.

At the Brotherhood of Burden, he’s incarcerated. Bombik speaks about redemption with the Most Humble, Groth Tri-Tusk. Vito is spirited to Ignatius’s family manor and bribed to keep him safe.

They find out there will be a slave-trade going down in the Drowned Lands, a series of caverns that flood at high tide and empty out at low tide. This is especially strange as the slaves are being smuggled from Terund, where it’s legal, to Ravaillac, where it’s not. They sneak in early, kill the aboleths, and then hide most of the day.

When night comes and the tide goes low again, Bombik realizes the ones purchasing the slaves are Denizens of Leng, planar slave-merchants who use the slaves in their never-ending war against Leng Spiders. The pacts of Hell in Terund prevent planar outsiders who are not from Hell from interfering in Terundi affairs, so it took place as close to Terund as possible. The Denizens of Leng were paying the Kardunia money, but were going to provide alien magic to Derleth Dannibarr. Cathexis takes the scroll instead.

Two Denizens of Leng are slain, and one plane-shifts back to Leng. The slaves are rescued and one of the slavers is taken alive, to testify against the Kardunia at the ball.

Into The Storm

Kisasi and Slim return to Crossroads. They, Bombik, and Cathexis, decide that the next course of action should be to find Onnahan, who Bombik has discovered is in Arete.

They head south along the main road. A massive blizzard sweeps in, obscuring everything with snow. They race into Verdant Wood, and build themselves a shelter. Kisasi hunts deer, and comee across a bear also looking for food. By the time he kills it, the snowstorm has surrounded him and made it impossible to see.

He finally stumbles back only to be attacked by winter wolves and yeti, which attempt to chase off and eat their horses. After they are repelled and the sun rises, members of the Brotherhood of Thorns come by and demand recompense for eating their deer. Kisasi pays fifty gold, and they go on their way.

Cathexis discusses his new form, strange heritage, and the Moirae with the other three. Kisasi has an incredibly powerful Moirae while Bombik, like the dead, has none at all.

They run across wounded druids on the road, who have managed to survive for almost a full day in freezing temperatures and bloodied. They speak of a creature of shadows that attacked them in the night. The four heroes set up camp to warm the druids and set a trap for the creature.

Bombik and Cathexis see the creature, or at least the few ripples of it. Once Kisasi strikes it with one of his immovable arrows, the others make short work of it.

The druids, stable and somewhat healed now, lead them back to Temenos Shrine for healing, food, and safety. They meet the head druid, Gemyelt Graycloak, and find Cassamyr feasting with them as well, though he recognizes none of them.

The Black

Deca 2, 763 UM

After the events of the previous day, Kisasi, Palio, and Slim went to the Knights of the Seal to find out what the Redeemer of the Dark is.

In Crossroads, Bombik went to the local Neocognomina to find what he could about Onnahan. Onnahan hadn’t been able to take all of his documents when he teleported suddenly. Bombik learned that Onnahan was working for Cassius Belisario, the former Grand Magnate whose territory Ravaillac had carved out. He also learned that Onnahan is now in hiding in Arete.

That night, Welkin dreamed of his past glories: his fight at Nerodrakh Pass, his battle against Ancalagon the Black, time spent traveling with Cassamyr. He dreamed feeling young, and awoke feeling old.

Then he awoke to seeing the sun being blotted out as if by an eclipse, but in truth it was Ancalagon returned. Ancalagon challenged Welkin to single combat at Mistmere Lake. He claimed he had Cassamyr, and that if Welkin refused to save Cassamyr, he would simply destroy Crossroads.

Odd went with Welkin and slipped him a potion to feign death. Meanwhile Ignatius and Bombik evacuated the city and headed south to the Cairns of the Lost. Kyran d’Allaire and the militia took the townsfolk, but Roland Wynthorpe and his personal retinue refused to leave, claiming the dragon would leave them alone since it got what it wanted—revenge.

Ancalagon taunted Welkin about his age, and killed him. Odd assumed the pill had taken effect, and dragged his body away while Ancalagon flew off. Odd brought him back to Crossroads and, realizing the potion had failed, took him to a cleric of Abadar to raise him.

The cleric’s power failed, and no one could understand why. Odd tried researching, but fell asleep in a book, the page opened to Pharasma.

Cassamyr wandered into the camp that Bombik and Ignatius were sharing. He was confused, but overheard the name Welkin and the dragon, and went to find out what happened. They took the townsfolk back to Crossroads.

Welkin awoke, but his face was completely different and he had no memory of Welkin. He is now Cathexis. He found strands of Moirae, fate, and followed them back to Odd.

Cassamyr, along with Ignatius and Bombik, returned to camp. Cathexis spoke to them of the Moirae he saw around them. He said he recognized neither Cassamyr nor his own name, and Cassamyr left, heading north. Bombik started to follow, but Cassamyr rode on his paladin’s steed, an old gray mare, and raced north.

Welcome to the Reclamation
Deca 1, 763 UM

Panic has set in the new city (and capital of Ravaillac) of Crossroads. Fish fell from the sky and spoke of The Reclamation, the Redeemer of the Dark, and the Riftmaker. People are certain a new rift is going to form, just like the one in Solacium.

The military, under orders from Kyran d’Allaire, captured Welkin Ptutubastis, a famous hero long past his prime, who had been accused of causing it by a local woman named Kaikara.

At the same time, the Reeve of Crossroads, Roland Wynthope, had captured a druid who he believed was truly behind it. Bombik Castgear convinced Roland for a stay of execution until they could get to the bottom of it.

The town square was then attacked by drakes and wolves. The heroes saved the town, but the people were even more terrified. A soldier mentioned that Kaikara could not be found.

They tracked her down outside of town, where she was surrounded by ice elementals. She was preparing to lay down and die. Palio rescued her as the group fought off the elementals. She had been Dominated, and a Dispel Magic from Welkin restored her.

The group found out that she had been Dominated by Onnahan Lore, the Gnomish head of the local Neocognomina. When they went to return to Crossroads, druids from Temenos Shrine were there to protest their captured brethren, and Wynthorpe ordered them all imprisoned as well. Kisasi intimidated the soldiers into letting the druids go.

They went to confront Onnahan, but he teleported away, leaving a Magic Mouth spell that mocked the people of Crossroads. A single illusion spell was enough to make them almost turn on each other. “Welcome,” the statue said, “to the Reclamation.”


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