The Spice Must Flow


Odd is an Obitu (skeletal) spice merchant. Odd was originally created by a Terundi necromancer’s daughter, who tried out her own Raise Undead spell that backfired, creating a short skeleton. She kept the skeleton in her closet, playing with it when no one was around, but soon the skeleton threw bookcases on her and fled.

The skeleton was then still deep in Terundi territory, and soon captured by the August Merchant House of Dannibar. Derleth Dannibar named him Abd, because he was a slave, but his inability to pronounce his own name meant he soon started calling himself Odd. Odd learned the basics of merchantry from looking through Derleth’s books when Derleth wasn’t around, and paying sharper attention than anyone realized during deals.

Eventually, Odd escaped Derleth as well through the judicious application of hurled bookshelves, and made his way south, to Stygia. The floating pirate nation took Odd in and kept him safe. Odd also met Slim during this time. Odd soon set up a shop in Remparenon, and began hunting through The Expanse for the spices that grow there.

Now Odd wants to build his own trade empire, one that could rival Karst or Verenelli or, most importantly, The August Merchant House of Dannibar.

History: Enslaved by the August Merchant House of Dannibarr
Personality: Tactile sensitivity / Eye for Deals
Goals: Build a trade empire
Odd’s Stunt: The Spice Must Flow—Blind and Silence enemies with spice in a 15 foot line.


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