Warrior Against Fate. Immortal incarnate.


Cathexis and his kin are proto-Samsarans. Like the Samsarans, they endlessly reincarnate. With their long life-span, memories of ancient days and modern ones tend to blur.

They exist outside the mandate of the gods. More, they fight the mandate of the gods—specifically that of Pharasma, The Lady of Graves and goddess of fate. They are capable of seeing strands of Moirae—Fate.

For the last half-century, Cathexis was imprisoned within a mortal body, and was unaware of his immortal nature. During this time, he became a famous war hero, traveling the land with Cassamyr Archierius Veritas. He was freed of this unwittingly by Ancalagon the Black, who was out for revenge against Welkin for the loss of his eye.

Aspects: History: Been There, Done That
Personality: I know the name of a thousand thousand ancestors and can’t remember my own.
Goals: The Hammer Of Fate, I Follow The Moirai, What of My Fate?
Ian’s Stunt: Where’s Your God Now?


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