Bombik Castgear

Gnome Inventor Seeks Redemption


Bombik Castgear was very young when apprenticed to a mad human inventor named Salai. His family sent him off to be an apprentice due to extreme poverty, but poverty continued: Salai not only never made it big, he owed big money to the Kardunia. As a result, Salai disappeared and Bombik was ‘suddenly’ introduced to Qadmon.

Wooed by the unlimited resources and power Qadmon offered, and heedless of potential consequences of his creations, he was overwhelmed by his work. He worked alongside several Warforged in Solacium, including Pendulum.

Bombik’s prime invention during this time was a theoarcanic converter, which turned divine energy into arcane energy that Qadmon could manipulate. Also during this time, he built Codsworth, an Inevitable Arbiter.

When Qadmon performed the spell, everything went terribly wrong and Qadmon was sucked into the rift. Bombik feels that this was as a result of a malfunction in his theoarcanic converter, and had a ‘what have I done’ moment.

Since then, Bombik has been obsessed with atoning for his sins. All inventions are now carefully considered before creation. Bombik devotes his life to the study of the rift and Solacium, and is an active member of the Neocognomina.

Bombik excels in creating inventions out of materials available in his surrounding area, due to his poverty when learning his craft. He is also quite quick at this, as they were often on the move dodging debtors.

Character: Bombik Castgear: gnome investigator

Aspects: History: Was involved in causing the rift
Personality: Scholarly
Goals: Redemption/Finding Qadmon
Stunt: Inventor. Can create mundane items and some technology quickly. (Uses Scribe Scroll as baseline for cost, with an extra 5 DC on each check for each hour he wants to shave off.)

Bombik Castgear

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