The Ravaillac Revolution

The Vivus Well Epilogue

After escaping the Vivus Well, Ancalagon gives the First Light to the heroes, and says he wishes never to see them again. He then disappears into the darkness below. Devils emerge from the well itself in pursuit. Palio, Bastion, and Cathexis fight them off while Slim and Bombik prepare a catapult to knock a stalactite into the well to seal it. The Prince in Chains tries to command Ar-Pharazon, a Pit Fiend and commander of legions of devils, to remain in Hell, but his command is ignored and he is dragged in. Cathexis goes in to save him, and Palio drags both out. Slim and Bombik launch the weapon at the stalactite and it collapses onto the well.

In the aftermath, they talk to Aeschere about getting his fellow Aeschenreia to help out in the coming battle. Aeschere refuses, as he believes none would ever want to conquer Aeschwold. He does agree to help hinder and harass the elves who have been slaying Nonmen.

The heroes go east to Severeign. Palio’s cleric is raised from the dead. Cassamyr is healed, and kneels before Cathexis silently. Slim talks to his sister, who remembers the storm that destroyed their family but has no recollection of a brother. Palio talks to the head of the Iomedaen order in Severeign about sending Thron, or the Prince in Chains, back to Arborea for healing and redemption.



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