The Ravaillac Revolution

The Fall of the House of Onnahan

Aboard the Smerdyakov, they cross into Terund, and are beset upon by various devils and an escaping water elemental. While Palio, Slim, and Cathexis face off against the devils, Bombik uses his glider to catch and eliminate the water elemental.

The heroes smuggle themselves into Arete. Palio contacts Rasken Harsk, a cleric of Iomedae who has been pretending to be a cleric of Zon-Kuthon for years and has a face covered in scars. They infiltrate the Galete Thermae, where Onnahan spends much of his time. He’s not there, and some people believe he’s went north while others think he’s at his manor house. They examine the books he’s been using for research, and find that he’s especially interested in the Vivus Well.

They spy on his manor house. When Bombik sends Codsworth in to spy, Onnahan merely waves and beckons them in. Clockwork servants open the door. Immediately, Odd whips spice into his eyes and mouth. Onnahan collapses and soon, his heart seizes.

Slim notices tons of secret passages all throughout the house. When Kisasi goes to grab at Onnahan’s body, Kisasi disappears. Odd and Bombik follow suit, while Slim guides Cathexis through the secret passages to arrive in Onnahan’s workshop.

The workshop is a two-story sub-basement with kytons, clockwork soldiers, and a forgefiend. The heroes fight their way through it, separated by one another. The forgefiend destroys the ceiling above Odd, and Odd leaps into another pit to escape. Below, Odd encounters a Zebub, a spy-devil, which he convinces to show him secrets:

Onnahan has been scrying on the party the entire time. He has also been using the Vivus Well to create copies of himself. The version that was killed was an intentional piece of dangling bait who had taken poison before they had even arrived. Another version of Onnahan has headed north towards the Rift to summon the Redeemer of the Dark, the Prince of Chains. And obviously, a third is at the Vivus Well, to be manipulated as Cassamyr is.

Palio and Bastion burst in, telling the others the dragon is here. Ancalagon has destroyed the docks and is heading towards Onnahan’s Manor House. As he destroys it, he continues to ask why he can still smell Welkin.

Cathexis grabs one of Kisasi’s immovable rod arrows and flies up towards the dragon. He hurls it into the dragon’s mouth and escapes back downwards. Bombik, meanwhile, sees a glyph with four holes and manipulates lasers into it, which creates a teleportation glyph. As Onnahan’s manor house crashes around them, they all dive onto the glyph and are teleported away.



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