The Ravaillac Revolution


The heroes go to Menneren, stock up on supplies, and have a meeting with the Exultant, his Seneschal, and his daughter about what to use the dragon hoard gold on. They then head north to Remparenon, where they meet Qadmon, who teleports them near the Wisp Forest—the site of Welkin’s greatest failure. The druids he and Cassamyr were supposed to save were instead tortured and killed, and their bodies remained at the Nemetos Shrine.

When the heroes arrived in the woods, the treeline pressed on so there was no retreat, and the spirits of the dead whispered to Cathexis. At the shrine itself, elementals started coming out of each stone slab. When they were defeated, the heroes gave each druid a proper burial. Before departing, the ghost of the head druid told Cathexis that the Cassamyr that first arrived with him before the battle and the Cassamyr who returned after his home was destroyed were different beings—Cassamyr had already been taken captive and cloned at that point.

While burying two druids in water, Slim noticed a spirit in the distance that looked like images of the dead god Aroden. It calls itself the Steward of the Skein, and is a servant of Pharasma. It reiterated that fate itself is coming undone. There is a blind spot to the north of Ravaillac. And, most importantly, Ravaillac’s very existence is anathema to the restrictions of fate.



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