The Ravaillac Revolution


The group teleports from Onnahan’s mansion in Arete to an empty barn near Crossroads. They head off towards Solacium, and run into Vilkas Arcantell, who tells them he rescued Cassamyr from a fort nearby, but he found both draconic and elven tracks there. Slim notices copious tracks in formation heading west.

In Crossroads, they learn that Kyran D’Allaire and his men took off to try to reclaim Vollein. They pick up extra horses. Palio teaches tactics to Roland Wynthorpe’s men. Bombik sells a steam-powered shovel.

They head to the fort nearby, and find an elf in the middle of a fight with a drake, and worshippers of Ancalagon. They kill the drake and dragon disciple, but not after the dragon disciple feebleminds Cathexis. Cathexis, under such influence, shifts quickly between several of his avatars. He is cured by Palio, but still quite out of it.

The elf, Eldairen, says he was tasked by his Prince Regent to study all three of Cathexis’s avatars without realizing how they were linked. He also tells Bombik about Qadmon, and how Qadmon had been mind-wiped by a device and though they managed to cure most others it had been done to, he traveled too far and was taken into the rift before he could be saved. He is more victim than villain. He believes all of these convergences are because of the weakening of Pharasma.

The group has a decision to make: Go to Solacium and stop Onnahan, go to the Vivus Well and prevent more Onnahan clones, or go to the rescue of Kyran D’Allaire and Vollein and keep Ravaillac stable. They head off towards Solacium.



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